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Authentic Demon Killer Coil + Allen Key Kit

  • $13.99

Demon Killer Clapception Coil 0.35ohm 10PCS Descrition:

The Demon Killer Clapception Coil features  to customize your vaping experience. The Clapception coil come in resistance is 0.35Ohm. You can build anything you want the way you want it. The Demon Killer Clapception coil gives you the option for more flavor, more heat, and more vapor!

Demon Killer Clapception Coil Specs:

2.Structure: (0.28*0.8mm)+316L 0.2mm +0.1mm A1                 
3.Weight: 26g                                         

Clapception Coil 0.35ohm 10PCS By Demon Killer Package Contents:

-10pcs coil
-1pc Allen key



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